Security Council

One of the six major UN organizations, the Security Council, is tasked with upholding global security and peace by diplomatic means, such as military operations, peacekeeping missions, and sanctions. It was founded with fifteen members, which included five permanent members and potential observers. China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and France are the five countries having veto power over any decision that might affect their country; the other members are chosen annually for terms of two years. According to Article 25 of the UN Charter, the organization's approved resolutions demand that member nations take the appropriate action in light of their significant global impact. The provisions in Security Council resolutions denote quick action because it is the only committee empowered to urge in addition to recommend. These expressions include "urges" and "decides," among others.


Topic A:

Assessing the Terrorism Threats to the European Union: Formulating a Joint Plan of Action to Counter Extremism and Protect Member States.

Topic B:

Addressing the Territorial Disputes over the South China Sea

Topic C:

Investigating the Political Tensions in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Charting a Path towards Diplomatic Resolution and Preserving Regional Stability.


Camila Ferreira 

Security Counsel Head Chair

Hello delegates, I am Camila Ferreira, head chair of the security council, and welcome to the SALMUN 2023! I am a sênior at PASB, so this will be the last time I attend the conference that introduced me to the MUN world and that I cherish so much. I have participated in many conferences in other international schools around Brazil, and I am certain no other feels the same as SALMUN. Let's make this the best edition yet! Looking forward to arbitrating your debates and your best arguments.  

Maria Luisa Andrade

Security Counsel Vice Chair

Hi, delegates! My name is Maria Luisa Andrade, I'm a junior at the Pan American School of Bahia, and this is my second official conference as part of the dais. I'll be vice-chairing the Security Council, a committee with great responsibility and which provides for the most spirited debates. Outside of MUN, which is a passion of mine, I enjoy watching good and bad movies, reading books, learning about history and politics, and dancing. I have high hopes for what this edition of SALMUN will bring and am looking forward to moderating our sessions, which will sure be remarkable.