Meet the Secretariat

Natália Portela

Secretary General

Hello delegates! My name is Natália Portela and I am a junior studying at the Pan American School of Bahia (PASB). I am beyond grateful to be able to serve as this year's conference Secretary General. I have never ceased to be amazed by Model United Nations since I started actively participating, starting my delegate career in sixth grade. Throughout the years, conferences have always taught me so much about diplomacy, respect to the law and the power of communication! Although I have always loved the Human Rights Council, my love for reading has also awoken my fascination for Special Committees, where so much can happen at once! It is amazing to have the opportunity to organize this conference and see the love so many people have for MUN. The purpose of this conference is to allow delegates to find their passions, make friendships, and shine on the most unique topics! In order to accomplish that we have a dedicated leadership team that is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Outside of MUN, I like to play volleyball, spend time with my friends and broaden my horizons by having living different experiences. If you wish to talk, no matter what about, please don't hesitate to contact me at Finally, I wish everyone a wonderful experience and don’t hesitate to use your voice to make a change in the world! 

Pedro Lyra

Chief informations Officer

Hi Delegates! My name is Pedro Lyra, and I am a junior at the Pan American School of Bahia. I'm glad to be the CIO (Chief Information Officer). I am an individual with a passion for both basketball and Model United Nations (MUN). I have an active lifestyle and enjoy playing basketball regularly. Besides my love for sports, I have a strong interest in diplomacy, international relations and world issues, which is reflected in my participation in MUNs. I have already attended 10 MUN conferences, further fueling my enthusiasm for this engaging and enlightening activity. These conferences have allowed me to broaden my horizons, expand my knowledge and develop my public speaking, leadership and critical thinking skills. I am driven to continuously improve and stay informed about current events and their impact on the world. Overall, I am a well-rounded and ambitious person, who strives to make a positive impact on the world through my passions and pursuits. If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact me at -

Carolina Vilalva

Head of Marketing

Hi, guys! My name is Carolina Vilalva and I'm a sophomore at Pan American School of Bahia. In my spare time I love to read, write, play sports, and like every other teenager, spend hours scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. This year I'm happy to announce that I'll be SALMUN's Head of Marketing. I've already been responsible for managing social media accounts from past MUN experiences, and I hope this year I can enjoy and learn as much as I did before. 

Matheus Mota

Head of Finance

Hello, my name is Matheus and this year I will be the Head of Finance for the 2023 SALMUN. I'm eager to work with the amazing group of peers that build the SALMUN team, regarding all team members that make this year's conference possible. I look forward to finally seeing the final result of this conference, which includes a lot of background work to make it happen. I'm thrilled to have been considered and awarded this cargo and will do my best to ensure that this conference is one to keep in your memories forever. I hope that everyone enjoys this conference to the fullest, and explores every single aspect of MUN that is being offered.