Historical Council

The Historical Council is an advisory body of the United Nations, established in 1946. Its purpose is to provide the UN with scholarly insight into the history of international relations and international law. It comprises scholars worldwide, and its current members include historians, political scientists, and legal experts. The Council's main task is to provide the UN with research and advice on international security and peacekeeping issues, human rights, development, and humanitarian assistance. It also provides input on questions related to the UN Charter, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and other UN documents. The Council is empowered to make recommendations to the UN General Assembly and the Security Council on matters of historical importance. It is not authorized to take any binding actions or decisions.


Topic A:

Navigating the Political Turmoil of the Berlin Crisis of 1961: Charting a Path towards Diplomatic Resolution and Preserving Peace in Europe.

Topic B:

Examining the Korean Conflict Within the Context of the Global Cold War

Felipe Torres

Historical Counsel Head Chair

Hi, I am Felipe Torres and a junior at Pan American schools of Bahia. In this upcoming SALMUN I’m going to be the head chair of historical security council and I hope I can maximize the experience of every delegate who decides to participate in this committee. For the upcoming event it is planned to maintain the always expected quality of this prestigious council and I hope to do everything in my power to help all delegates in engaging with the debate in a meaningful manner. I can assure that you can count on me with any doubts or questions, as well as with any critiques to improve our experience. I am looking forward to our committee session and will put all my best efforts so that you will also do the same.

You can contact me through the following email for questions : 24torresf@pasb.com.br

Maria Eduarda Luz

Historical Counsel Vice Chair

Greetings delegates! My name is Maria Eduarda Luz, and I’m currently a sophomore at PASB. I am beyond honored to be serving as the vice chair alongside Felipe Torres in the Historical Security Council for this year’s edition of SALMUN. I’m eager to meet the delegates and hear all the amazing contributions you will certainly bring to this committee. My experience in MUN has helped shape me as a global citizen, with critical thinking and debating skills that will follow me throughout my career and life. My goal as the head chair of this committee is to create an engaging environment that inspires delegates to find their inner passion for MUN. A piece of advice I have for all delegates is to unleash yourself in the world of debating. Do not be afraid to raise your placard to entertain points of information or deliver speeches. Mistakes are the most important part of the learning experience, and without them, I certainly wouldn’t have made it to my first MUN conference, let alone engage in SALMUN's leadership team. When not dedicating my time to MUN, you can find me reading books, going to the beach, spending time with my friends and family, and playing with my dog. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at 25luzm@pasb.com.br. I look forward to seeing you all soon!