FIFA Commitee

The FIFA Committee is an independent body within the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It comprises members from all six of FIFA's confederations and oversees and makes decisions regarding the organization's affairs. The committee is responsible for making decisions related to the FIFA World Cup, FIFA's financial activities, and FIFA's international relations. It also has the power to appoint senior FIFA officials, such as the President and General Secretary, and remove them from office. The FIFA Committee is also responsible for promoting football by staging international tournaments and other events.


Topic A:

Tackling corruption occurrences within FIFA


Topic B:

Debating selection criteria for the country hosting World Cup


Giovana Lacerda

FIFA Committee Head Chair

Hello, delegates!

My name is Giovana, I am a sophomore at Escola Concept and I am very happy to be serving as your head chair for this special committee alongside Bernardo in SALMUN. I started to participate in Model UN on the 7th, and since then I have created a passion for it besides growing a lot in my public speaking, negotiation, leadership, and writing skills. Apart from Model UN I also love running and competing in it, reading articles and books mainly nonfiction, and spending time with my dog. With this committee, we hope to bring a great and comfortable debate environment where you can learn and develop your skills, but above all have fun!

I am very excited to meet you all and any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to contact me on my WhatsApp at +55 71 996441510 or by email: 

Bernardo Lopes

FIFA Committee Vice Chair

Hi, I'm Bernardo Lopes and I am a junior at Pan American School of Bahia. I am thrilled to be serving as a chair for the upcoming SALMUN event. As a seasoned debater and a student with a passion for public speaking and diplomacy, it was my biggest desire to become a chair. I am eager to bring my knowledge and skills to the conference and to help facilitate productive and engaging discussions among the delegates.  I am confident that the SALMUN event will be a rewarding and enriching experience for everyone involved. I am looking forward to working with the delegates, staff, and other chairs to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all participants have a memorable and meaningful experience.