ECOFIN is the Economic and Financial Committee of the European Union, which is composed of the economic and finance ministers from each EU member state. It was established in 1974 and is responsible for issues related to the European Union's economic and financial policies. The Ecofin Council is accountable for coordinating monetary and fiscal policies within the EU and developing financial and economic policy initiatives to promote economic growth and social justice. The Ecofin Council is also responsible for the monitoring and implementation of EU economic and monetary policy and for the approval of the EU budget.


Topic A:

Identifying methods to reduce the negative effects of illicit money flow on the global market.

Topic B: Assessing the Boundaries of State Intervention in the Economy During Periods of Crisis.

Topic C:

Setting up the Legal Framework in Developing Countries on the Matter of Lobbying from MNCs.


John Hannigan

ECOFIN Head Chair

I am John Hannigan, a junior at Pan American School of Bahia. I am honored to be a chair for the upcoming SALMUN event. I am excited to contribute my knowledge and skills to the conference and to assist in facilitating productive and engaging discussions among the delegates. I am confident that everyone involved will have a rewarding and enriching experience at the SALMUN event. 

Manoes Chaves

Ecofin Vice Chair

Hi, my name is Manoel Chaves, I'm in the eleventh grade and I've been studying at PASB since I was 4. I usually practice sports in my free time (specifically soccer and tennis) on a daily basis.  I've also always been evolving my MUN career. In ninth grade I won the best delegation in the American Caucus, in tenth grade I was chair in Interpol and now I'm being once again! I hope to make an entertaining conference and with strong arguments we will find out what the best resolution will be! And feel free to text me by email ( if you have any doubts or concerns!